Memories last forever

Today is the day of another blessing in my life. My eldest daughter has graduated from her kindergarten years and i just can’t believe it myself. I have mixed feeling inside me today, being happy yet sad that she’s grown up and i feel just like yesterday i had her out from my tummy and held her in my arms. (sob sob)

Kindergarten Graduation Day 2018
In a traditional Indian custome

She is a blessing to our small family with lots of achievements and spirits grows stronger every single day. She is and always be my little girl and always pray for her success no matter how life takes her in the future. Love you always my little girl.


Your Mum

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It’s November

Few days of the month passed by with too many things happened within our surrounding. Sometimes, we tend to take things for granted and never realized that we had crossed the limit.

Hello November

December is just around the corner and what has been achieved so far?

Personally, i request no more but always pray for a better life surrounded with love and happiness despite the challenges i have to face in daily life that are unforeseen and unexpected sometimes. Thus, all the challenges coming makes me wiser as each day passes.

What are your wish and really want to make it happen?